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She threw her last impression,

In the fireplace,

Of my ruthless aggression.

But the ashes remained,

In my mind,

Rising the demons.


I wander,

In the state of rage,

My mind is a cage,


From flesh and bones,

The home of devils,

Ruling there spreading evil,

Acting against my desire and will.


I am helpless and hopeless,

Unless I act,

But I can’t,

And it’s a fact.


Their intentions are perplexing,

Just like the game of chess,

Indeed they are pro players of chess,

Their every move is like a hex;

I fight my way out,

But without a doubt,

They knock me out.


I can’t stand on my feet,

I m breathless.

Blood is rushing in my veins,

Turning my face crimson,

As if it was about to explode,

I can’t hold,

I am dying….

I am dying,


In an instance,

Something flashes before my eyes,

Making me reminisce,

I have notions and emotions,

I have a soul,

Something demons can’t owe.


I have the hope,

With which I can regroup.

With memories,

I can light my heart.


With tears,

I put out the spark,

Which demons ignite,

In my mind.


Now, demons are dying,

Shouting and screaming,

I burn them with,

hope and forgiveness.


still the ashes remain,

so I fear,

they will return,

what-if they return,

I hope they won’t return.

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