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I Remember

I Remember 


Blood is crimson,

So are the roses…


Yesterday the flames were igniting,

But today they are out cold,

It is the reason he upholds;

A pallid face,

Damp frozen lips,

Like a faded rose.


Yesterday the blood was rushing,

In his veins,

And he was alive,

Living a life.


Today memories only gush,

In his mind,

As if they were only,

The matter of time.


He is dire,

Burning on the flame,

Of ninth January embers,

Still a part of him remembers,

The day of his sins.


The day she was gone,

And he was left alone.

Still he wants redemption,

For his evil intentions.


While wandering,

In a spring day,

his eyes gazed,

And were amazed,

At an anonymous persona;


Shimmering and glimmering,

Every step she took,

his concern grew,

As it could be her.


From a distance he recognized,

It was her,

Appearing out of nowhere,

Like an angel from the heavens,

She begin to grin,

his soul begin to raise,

For the most they embraced.


Emotions and notions,

Onset to race,

Throughout his corpse,

Bringing it once again to life.


In the moment of bliss,

his icy cold eyes open wide,

Beginning to melt,

From the warmth,

In her heart.


Forming tears,

As if it was yesterday,

And he wandered,

And stood froze,

Her body was only the petals,

Of a rose.

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