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I am lonely,

But not alone.

For the greater good,

I brood….

Those damp black eyes,

My flawless skin,

Rests on the edge,

Of stone cold curtains.


It was certain,

It rained;

The petrichor embraces my nostrils,

Till my eyes cram with tears,

Not of grief and sorrow,

Like they were yesterday,

And they will be tomorrow.

The tears;

From the joy of solitude.


In the darkness,

I wander alone,

Like a cloud in the sky,

Playing with the winds,

Shooting in the blue,

Is it alone?

It doesn’t seems so.


In the dark,

Away from my past,

Closer to the future,

Every instance is mutual;

Lost for hope,

Lost from hearts,

I stand in the dark,

With no one at all.

Am I alone?

It seems so.


Lost in my own mind,

Fumbling in the dark,

Craving for light,

With a gasp I wake,

Knowing that still it is spring,

Watching the world watch me,

I sigh;

It is morning,

And I am not blind,

Was I all alone?

Or it seemed so?

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