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I Don't Know Why?

A confused boy thinking,"I don't know why?"

I Don’t Know why


I am free,

I am free,

Still a prison in my own body,

My heart and mind are enemies.

For one admires,

While the other regrets.

I don’t know why?


I can’t decide,

What is what?

Which is better?

Or which is the best?

I don’t know why?


I stand frozen and stuck,

Like a clock on 12 O’clock,

I don’t know,

Whether it is pm or am,

Because it is still dark.

I don’t know why?


I don’t know,

Whether someone doesn’t minds,

Or he doesn’t have a mind.

I don’t know someone can see,

Or else he is blind.

I don’t know why?


Life is complicated,

So are it’s aspects,

One is hated,

While the other gets respect.

I don’t know why?


My heart is stiff as a rock,

Though it is summer,

But the blood in my veins,

Still rushes.

My mind is soft as sponge,

Though it is winter,

But the memories in my mind,

Still gushes.

I don’t know why?


I have emotions, but not notions,

I have a body, but not a soul,

I have a persona, but not a goal.

I don’t know why?


I wander aimless,

Like a cloud in the sky,

But I am forced to walk,

On an unknown path,

But I don’t have to decide,

Before the game starts.


before we tear each other apart,

from the core of our hearts,

the fact remains,

I can tell our scores,

Before I score a goal,

The points are o-o,

Which means,

Love all.

This seems complicated,

But I don’t know why?

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