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No Such Thing

The imagination of a person.

No Such Thing


My thoughts soar,

Swiftly than my blood,

Just like,

Silence roars,

Louder than bombs.


Roses have thorns,

Air has dust,

Glitter sparkles,

But it is not a hex.


One thing is contrary,

To the other,

One wins,

Because the other lose.

One lose,

because the other wins.


My heart beats,

Only to keep me alive.

My mind analyze,

So I will mind.

Something attracts,

But it only distracts.


One is considered fiction,

Because the other is fact.

One is said to be dead,

If the other is alive.

One is considered the truth,

If the other is a lie.


One can see because he is not blind,

One is evil because he is not kind.

One finds,

Because something is lost.

One has the drive,

Because he has the hope.


Nightingale sings sweet songs;

Nor because of it’s touching voice,

Neither of it’s sensitive notes,

All because it doesn’t owe a choice,

It can’t pen down,

It’s feeling and thoughts.


All is not lost,

But still much is left,

In the world.

I will continue my journey,

Till the truth won’t be heard.

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