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Monarchy-Poems About Kings And Queens

 Monarchy-Poems About Kings And Queens

If we dive back into our histories, we come to know that our past is a product of living in the world of kings and queens and the world they crafted for us. Many refer to this as monarchy. The system of monarchy was applicable all over the world by gone times. Once in a millions this came out as a good idea for a particular nation and proved as a leading factor for their development.

But otherwise, this was the second name of trouble for individuals who were intellectual and wanted to live in their own way. What-if they did so? The most relevant answer to this would be; They would end up behind the unforgiving bars of steel, and this fear kept many individuals just wondering about their fate and think about the time this would end up and they will be blessed with the mighty wings of freedom and they will be able gather up the courage to fly into their own world, and rule there just the way they want because every one in the world is the king and queen of their world. They could do nothing but wonder about their otherwise life and think about their bright future. Meanwhile they can do nothing but to vow about their fates all because they were tied up by the chains of slavery, which forced them to live under the shadows of the so called king. 

Given below is a monarchy poem- poem about kings and queens

The castle of kings and queens.

The Golden Castle

The king's kingdom,
The emperor's empire,
The great dynasties of gold,
All ended up in flames and fire!

For years and years quietly it sat,
The mighty castle of the cruel king,
He was a dragon even more cruel,
With his fire he burnt our wings.

His proud eyes watched us from the pedestal,
And we peeked from our dark holes,
As we were weak in millions,
He was stronger been sole.

He had all the gleaming treasure,
But we still owed the heart-filled chest,
Then he swiped and stole our hearts,
To keep another we still carried the chest.

He desired more when he had the most,
We never dreamed, though we had the least,
Within us we carried the true beauty,
Underneath his fair skin he was a hideous beast.

For years and years silently we sat,
Singing a thousand odes to him,
He fed us with fears for years and years,
Our hearts shrunk and our hopes grew slim.

When all in once our fates took a turn,
And from the heavens a ray of light shines,
With his greed's fire himself he burns,
Time and unity causes his kingdom to decline.

His kingdom of ash,
His kingdom of fire,
The power of oneness,
Gives rise to the people's empire;

Where castles are built with hope,
And their pillars stand with trust,
Under which they live with love,
Their unity and peace is just.

So, the king's kingdom,
The emperor's empire,
And the great dynasties of gold,
Shall end up in flames and fire!

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