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Beach Poems

 Beach Poems- The Golden Beach

A beach is the perfect place to spend your time especially when you are in a low mood or bored. It seems like the beach has a world of it's own, the gentle winds which blow once in a while, the rise and the fall of the waves in the ocean and the tiny creatures such as turtles, crabs and seagulls which can be seen anytime wandering on the golden grains of sand and hiding under the dunes of sand adds to the natural beauty of these places.

Beaches are the best part about vacations especially in summer, and crowds can be seen swarming; some just lay on the sand and other like to dive in the cold and blessing water of the sea. kids like to play with the burning sand and build sand castles whereas some like to just stroll through the shorelines and collect some colourful seashells. However some people such as poets like to sit around and observe the ineffable beauty the place carries and try to describes in their poems. what ever one does, it results in pleasure and happiness and this is the good thing about beaches. After all summer is on it's way and we are ready for another trip to the beach!

A golden beach.

As the winds on the beach roll,
And seagulls and swing troll,
Through aisles of sand castles cars stray,
And giggles of the kids who play,
The sky seems a perfect shade of blue,
Pasted with spongy clouds in a greyish glue,
The crescent in the sky shimmers,
And water on horizon like silver glimmers,
Crabs creep through the barren land,
And turtles hide under dunes of sand,
Life guards in their cabins dwell,
And sun burns hot as hell!
Shorelines embrace the gentle waves,
And tigers snore and rest in their caves,
Bees guard their golden hives,
And children do run for their lives,
Storms turn to turning gales,
And fisherman on winds do sail,
One after another pinkish seashells form heaps,
Over a giant wave a surfer dives and leaps,
When all in once a falcon in the sky soars,
Silence! when the king of jungle roars.


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