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Deep Poems About Life

 Deep Poems About Life

It is said that "The purpose of life is to find the purpose of life". But sometimes we agree with this opinion that "The purpose of life is to be happy". Although this is true but the recipe of life contains many other essential ingredients such as sorrow, grief and failure which we often try to avoid. these important ingredients from our recipe of life are not as such impurities or unnecessary, but the truth is that these elements make our life's recipe sweet as well as sour because sourness alone may feel good and sweetness may taste better but both together taste best.

Like, it takes thunder and rain to make the colourful rainbow and it takes one and one to make two in the same way if we sum joy and sorrow the product is a perfect yet imperfect life!

The best way to sum all of this together in an effective way is in the form of a poem or more specifically "Deep Poems About Life."

The given below are a few deep poems about life.

The Broken Ship - A deep Poem About Life

The Broken Ship - A deep Poem About Life

Don't teach me astronomy,
Tell me about the stars,
Don't teach me magic,
tell me how to heal scars?

don't teach me philosophy,
tell me about the world,
don't be a philosopher,
don't say a word!

don't teach me to hold a pen,
tell me how to write,
don't teach me about Edison,
tell me how a bulb can light.

don't teach me lying,
tell me examples that are true,
don't tell me about my fortune,
and the worst liar will be you!

don't teach me about life,
tell me what this life is for?
don't teach me life is sweet,
tell me will this sweetness last evermore?

don't teach me about the ocean,
tell me why it is blue?
just teach me one thing,
tell me if the sky is an ocean too?

don't teach me about journey,
tell me about ways and more,
don't teach me about roads,
tell me if the best ship leads to the best shore?

The Rocking Chair - A Short Poem About Life

The Rocking Chair - A Short Poem About Life

Breathe this salty air of summer,
And listen to the cold breeze that murmurs,
Watch those waving and dancing flower,
And then breathe the sweet perfume they shower.

Watch the honey from hives dripping,
While their hosts are busy sipping,
The dulcet rose clenched between your palms,
When you are still they cause no harm.

Those glasses covered in mist you shall wipe,
And watch the fruits in your garden ripe,
Swallow your words and sharpen that knife,
Before they decay and short is their life.

Watch the monkeys from the ivy swing,
And listen the songs of the birds that sing,
Watch the wild horses on the grasslands race,
And their mane fluttering with a joyous grace.

Watch the swans in the lake paddling,
And ducks on the rocky shore waddling,
Watch the kangaroos jumping and leaping,
And help the kid for his lost kite weeping;

Help him out, make him one,
Hand him that, call him son,
Don't be afraid to mark your words,
This is better than conquering worlds!

And breathe the summer's salty air,
Rest yourself upon the rocking chair,
Watch the artistic shades of sky,
And then the dusk's sun drowns and dies!
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