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Poem On Pen - Poems About Pen

Poem On Pen - Poems About Pen

Inheriting gold, silver, mansions and lands is not a fancy thing. as, man is mortal and he can't take his golden castles and money making machines with him nor can he take lands with them as a whole. But, we as humans don't take anything with us, but we leave a part of us behind in the form of memories and impressions.

However, every being in the world is not born with a silver spoon in their mouth; the best thing a person can ever inherit or the most expensive thing a person can ever leave behind is a "pen". This may sound weird, but this is the truth. All you have to do is to look around and notice the wonders this magical wand has crafted. This pen gave birth not only to the world of imagination but also to the leaders, superheroes and champions who grasped this magical wand in their hands and the individuals who chose it as their guiding light. This is a wise weapon which can change the entire world with it's power of greatness that's why it is said that, "The pen is mightier than a sword!"

The given below is an example of "poem on pen" - "poems about pen".

Poems on pen.

The Golden Souvenir - A Poem On Pen

And this wand is carved from lead,

How many more words can it shed?

Sketch this world with one shade of blue,

And paint a thousand words for you.

And this can solve unsolved mysteries,

This can tell you untold histories,

This is a weapon, don't fear!

Your heritage, a golden souvenir.

This has risen a countless heroes,

This gave wings to a thousand zeroes,

From your first day till your last year,

Your heritage, a golden souvenir.

Feed it with blood and your desire,

And reap warm ideas and igniting fire,

This is a true friend and your dear,

Your heritage, a golden souvenir.

Feed it with drops of black and blue,

And then it shall tell who are you?

This is your father so you are it's heir,

Your heritage, a golden souvenir

silver and gold! this is stronger than a lord,

this weapon of yours a golden sword,

a souvenir this is to hold on then,

so, farewell to you my pen!

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  1. Wonderful writings ╩╝asaghun╩╝..!

    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback!


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