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Poems About Fireflies

Poems About Fireflies

Glow worms...Lightning bugs and Fireflies! these three names sum one magical creature which can be seen as the night gets young and darkness scatters. Firefly is not just a fancy name, the noun describes the amazing creature as a whole. "Fire" as the name suggests points towards their glowing appearance, which is the reason which makes it attractive and eye-catching for millions of nature fanatics around the globe.

Light posses ( a group of fireflies) can be seen swarming around in dusk and covering the flora such as trees, bushes and grass, making the scene heart touching and pleasing. Gleaming, glowing, glinting, sparkling, twinkling, flickering, flashing, flaring and glaring and thousands of words like these are not enough to sum the account of this wondrous being. However, some nature lovers such as poets love to paint pictures of this organism and it's ineffable beauty in their poems.

The given below is a an example of "poems about fireflies'.



fireflies glow bright,
fireflies sheen at night,
fireflies scatter light,
fireflies star bite!

fireflies fly up high,
fireflies in the sky,
fireflies never lie,
fireflies like you and I!

fireflies float in air,
fireflies on bushes there,
fireflies on my pinned up hair,
fireflies are everywhere!

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